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“Lucy is one of the most inspiring female voices out there. With a message of personal empowerment, she is a striking speaker delivering touching, emotional and humorous talks that go right under your skin and in your heart and you can’t forget.” 

Claudia Melli – Senior Teaching Faculty at TurnOn Britain

Lucy is living proof that you can move from Pain To Power. She has moved from addiction, bulimia and depression to heal and reinvent herself and create a business path that matches her passion for empowering women.

   These are some of the topics I’m passionate about…

    • Unleash Your Female Power
      Understand the 5 zones of Female Power & learn what are your strong and weak zones. Finding and owning your inner authority can set you free.
    • Overcoming & Understanding Fear
      So many women are paralysed with fear. The fear of what people will think. The fear of getting it wrong. I teach women how to relate differently to fear. By doing this, fear loses its power over you.
    • No More Self-Sabotage!How To Love & Appreciate Yourself
      It’s hard to show up in life or business when you’re being overly critical of yourself. I speak about how you can get free from your inner gremlin and feel empowered to create the life you want.
    • Healing Sexual Abuse
      The #metoo movement showed the world just how many women have been molested or abused. I am one of them. What I want women to know is there is life after abuse. It is possible to have a fulfilling and healthy life, relationship and sex life.
    • Turning Your Pain Into Your Power
      Most of us tend to run from our pain. But the reality is that the thought of your pain is always worse that actually feeling it. Once you feel it and start to deal with it, it can actually serve you and help others.


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